Sparks - Music You Can Dance To (France)


Sparks - Music You Can Dance To (France)

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 10:41am


i think i’ve interrupted something

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:02am

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:01am


I didn’t want to spam you so I compiled my “10 things to do in Japan” illustrations for Japan Lover Me (website | facebook) in one post! (*≧▽≦)

The lists were researched and listed by Kaila, Kaye, Ashley, and Carly! ♥

*I’ll edit this post when we add more lists! :3

*We’re also going to release a JapanLovin’ Traveller’s e-book soon! :3

[ Sticky: Again, sorry for the lack of posts lately. ;3; April turned out to be the busiest month for me this year.. yet. @A@ (Commissions are still closed, by the way! (except those who reserved long ago) I’ll update you guys soon~ ;-;) ]

Monday Jul 7 @ 11:24am

Thursday Jul 7 @ 10:22pm

Victorian Garden

Victorian Garden

Thursday Jul 7 @ 10:21pm

Thursday Jul 7 @ 09:50pm


this scene looks even more pathetic in 3D


Thursday Jul 7 @ 11:54am
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[Adam and the Ants, “Ants Invasion”]

Monday Jul 7 @ 08:03pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 08:09pm
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